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NBA Analysis: Dwight Howard to the New Jersey Nets Imminent?

By Mihnea "Mike" Gheorghita

It has happened. The skies have split wide open, the waters are restless, and the earth is about to see two of the NBA’s top 5 players in a Nets jersey. If all goes well, of course.

With Chris Paul moving to the Lakers, Pau Gasol to Houston (Pretty sure the man didn’t deserve that, but hey, Yao’s no more), and a surprise (not really, but it was for him, and probably for Khloe Kardashian as well) move of Odom to the Hornets, the league gains one more superpower and two other regular star teams – I’ve addressed the matter a few days ago. But wait, none of that happened! David Stern laid the smack down on the deal, reportedly for “basketball reasons”, which is exactly what I cried for in my last article. Having an invincible team is absolutely bad for sports.

The Heat are doing pretty well themselves, with experienced small forward Shane Battier tweeting his way over to Miami, and the Celtics still hope they can land Chris Paul, because surely if one team with a roster like the Lakers’ failed, David Stern will consider Boston’s Big… 4, 5? I’ve lost track.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand – Chris Broussard tweets that the Nets are not only top dogs in the Howard trade, but the man himself reportedly said that he wants to go there. Now I’ve already cracked open 4 bottles of champagne, but I’m saving the fifth for when the deal actually goes through. And yes, if you’ve been reading the last few posts, you’ll know that the “jersey jinx” is in its place.

Things may take a turn for the worst, with David Stern’s “new sheriff in town” attitude, so he may not allow Howard to dictate his terms. However, taking a glance at the Nets’ roster, he just may understand why Howard should be there. Meanwhile, the Brooklynettes are keeping an eye out for Nene, who may or may not re-Nugget himself.

We’ll follow this as it unfolds, but things are looking bright so far!

Also, seeing that the "Fight4Dwight" may soon be over, let the Brawl 4 Paul begin! You've seen it here first.

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