NBA Analysis: Can Knicks Still Make a Big Trade This Season?


It’s January 31, almost a third of the way through the schedule. The Knicks are 7-13 and Mike D’Antoni is planning an increased role for Jeremy Lin. This is where we are Knicks fans.

Our starting point guard, Baron Davis, has missed the entire year and nobody knows for sure when (whether?) he will return. The Douglas/Shumpert/Bibby platoon has produced what I would (generously) describe as mixed results.

So naturally people have flocked to Twitter to discuss fake trades (which, of course, is Twitter’s raison d’etre). Sessions! Ridnour! Etc!

Sorry kids. I hate to be the one to always do this, but any trade you can fathom for a decent point guard is likely untenable either from a financial or talent standpoint. Let’s take a look at the Knicks’ salary situation (courtesy of HoopsHype):

Image placeholder title

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that the Knicks have three contracts taking up the majority of their cap and then a bunch of filler. After the Broadway Bigs, the next highest contract belongs to Renaldo Balkman. And as good as he is, to nab someone like Sessions or Ridnour, I suspect the Knicks would have to sweeten the pot. And who is going to get ‘er done? Shumpert? Landry? Those combinations would work but would it be worth it for the Knicks to give up on long-term potential to fill a short-term need when 2012 free agency awaits with a litany of point guards?

So the Knicks are left to offer of some combination of Balkman, Walker, and Douglas (and Novak and etc.) Does that get a deal done for a Sessions? Not when the Cavs are reportedly looking for first round equivalents.

How about a Telfair or a Tinsley? That’s more like it, but does that even help?

Maybe a Duhon?

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