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NBA 2K11 Makes Fun of Spurs Parker for Longoria Divorce

This is pretty amazing.

The Daily Heat and its vast empire doesn't exactly play video games around the clock, but we can definitely get on board with this type of humor.

Apparently, right after San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker and his attention-starved ex-wife split, NBA 2K11 adjusted some of his in-game characteristics for the sake of “realism.”

Because Parker has been making headlines recently for allegedly messing around with the now ex-wife of former teammate Brent Barry, his “loyalty” rating has gone from an 87 to a 0. Further, his “steal” rating got increased to a 79.


While divorce is sad and (insert politically correct statement about not making fun of divorce here) this adjustment is pretty funny.

The only real problem with taking Parker’s loyalty down to zero is that...

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