Nascar needs to reach all of it's Fans

I believe that keeping Nascar racing off of the so called local broadcasting networks:ABC, CBS:etc.  then you are locked out from enjoying. For those fans like my self I look forward to seeing the races.

 OK the economy is bad . But if Nascar is wondering why the seats are empty at the races. I am pretty sure that is why. I know for one that if you can't afford the cable networks.

 Nascar INDY, NHRA and all the other racing leagues need to consider that if you block people out of seeing what they like. Then they will forget about you. That includes all of the souvenir's:Like  Diecast cars, Flags etc.

 Wish the France Family would get back to what works.Serve your fan base. All of them and you can get back n top.

 Mr. France you and your family have a great product. I love my racing and I will pay what I can to keep involved just don't slam the door on the little people.  


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