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NASCAR Crash at Daytona Leaves Fans Injured (Video)

A massive crash at Saturday’s Nationwide Series Drive4COPD 300 race left the track ravaged with car parts and at least 15 people injured. According to several reports, one of the fans hurt in the incident is currently in critical condition.

The crash occurred towards the end of Saturday’s action when Regan Smith attempted to block off Brad Keselowski, causing a build-up involving 12 cars. Most of the damage was confined to the track, however, pieces of Kyle Larson’s shattered vehicle ended up flying into the stands.

“There was obviously some intrusion into the fence, and fortunately there was plenty of emergency workers ready to go,” NASCAR president Mike Helton said (via SB Nation) after the fact. “They all jumped on it pretty quickly. Right now it’s a function of trying to figure out what all damage has been done. They’re moving folks to care centers and taking some folks to Halifax Medical Center.”

Smith, for his part, took blame for what transpired.

“I threw a block there,” Smith said. "I knew Brad (Keselowski) was going to try to make a move on me. I’m not going to just give up the win at Daytona. If I'm in the same situation tomorrow, I'll do the exact same thing again."

Keselowski, understanding why Smith did what he did, defended the racer’s actions.

“Regan obviously tried to block me and that’s understandable,” Keselowski said. “He wants to win too and at the end it just caused chaos... I really hope everyone in the grandstands is okay. I think that’s the most important thing right now.”

Check out the full crash video below.

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