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Nadal Wins his 5th French Open title

Ever watch Rafael Nadal on clay? This guy is a monster. And he proved it yet again by mopping up Robin Soderling in straight sets 6-4, 6-2, 6-4 to win his fifth French Open title.

Interestingly enough, the Swedish-born Soderling was the one who knocked Nadal out in the fourth round last year when Nadal was battling injuries and a poor year.

With the victory, Nadal has climbed into the top slot in the world’s rankings. For those of you who can’t guess what that ranking is, it’s No. 1.

Nadal absolutely owns the French Open with a 38-1 record at Roland Garros since 2005. Soderling is the only guy to defeat him on the red clay. Trop mal?

Soderling laughed after the match (did anyone tell him that he actually lost?) and congratulated the Spaniard, saying “If you continue to play like this you will for sure have the chance to win many more.”

Soderling isn’t known for his sense of humor. In fact, we didn’t even detect a joke in there.

This concludes OTR’s tennis coverage for the rest of 2010 unless, A. There are pictures of a hot female player, or B. Someone gets arrested.


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