Mystery Fan Shining Laser Pointer At Lions Game Self-Incriminates On Twitter

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Detroit Lions officials said this week that they would investigate claims that a fan beamed a laser pointer into the eyes of several Buffalo Bills players on Sunday. That mystery fan made the investigation pretty easy this week when he boasted about the boneheaded behavior on Twitter.

Bills quarterback Kyle Orton was seen multiple times on Sunday complaining to referees about something. After the game, Orton said someone was shining a beam from a laser pointer in his eye. The Lions organization then put out the following response:

"We are aware of the reports from today's game involving the use of a laser, and we have been in contact with NFL security regarding this issue," the statement said. "Lasers are a prohibited item at Ford Field. While Ford Field security was unable to identify anyone using a laser at today's game, any future occurrence will be dealt with accordingly."

Dear NFL security, here’s your man:

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Congratulations, Mr. Beslach. You were dumb enough to beam the eyes of NFL players and brag about it on Twitter. That's a special kind of stupid. Here’s to hoping you enjoyed what very well may be your last ever NFL game. And the Lions lost it, too. Bummer.

H/T: CBS Sports


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