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Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal Respects Pro Wrestlers

Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal (8-1-1 NC) has been able to get a taste of the professional wrestling and MMA life as of late, leaving the former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion to decide which was harder to train for.

"I thought it was going to be hard, but this [pro wrestling training] is harder than I expected," said Lawal to Bleacher Report. "I'm going to tell you this. Pro wrestling training is three times harder than MMA. It's harder because of the psychology, the positioning, the bumps, hitting the ropes and cutting promos."

Lawal has been training with the farm company of TNA Wrestling called Ohio Valley Wrestling. Lawal was fired by Strikeforce for a drug test that came back positive for steroids and then going to Twitter to call a member of the NSAC a derogatory name.

Earlier in the month, Lawal made his official TNA debut on a recent episode of Impact Wrestling, shoving down former world champion Robert Roode. Later that month, Lawal served as the special guest ring enforcer for TNA's biggest PPV of the year Bound for Glory.

As for those who think professional wrestling is fake, don't tell that to Lawal.

"That sh*t is hard," said Lawal. "People don't understand this sh*t. People think wrestling is all fake. If you think it is fake, come try it out and you will see how real it really is."

Lawal is expected to return to action for a new company in Bellator sometime in 2013. His next appearance for TNA has not been disclosed.

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