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Mariners Fire Hitting Coach, Ken Griffey Jr. Not Happy

The Seattle Mariners needed someone to blame for their miserable 11-19 performance that has landed them in the basement of the American League West. And that person was hitting coach Alan Cockrell.

The Mariners have an AL-worst .617 OPS and have lost eight straight games. They have also scored less runs than 28 of 30 MLB teams. Yeah, that’s not good. But, is Cockrell really to blame? Some of the players don’t think so.

“Let’s not go there,” said Ken Griffey, Jr. “I have no comment.”

Mike Sweeney isn’t keen on the move either.

“It’s brutal,” Sweeney said. “There are a lot of guys in here who deserve to get fired before him.”

So this clearly was not a popular decision in the clubhouse, but since you can’t fire the whole under-performing lineup, the coach is the one to go whether it’s right or wrong. The Mariners need to get it going because I picked them to win the AL West.


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