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Jets' Santonio Holmes Removed from Plane for iPod

Many New York Jets fans are elated with the deal that they got for former Pittsburgh Steelers WR Santonio Holmes. A fifth-round pick? Really? What a friggin’ steal!

Well, maybe now they are finding out why Holmes was available at such bargain basement prices.

According to police, Holmes had to be escorted off of an airplane around 9 p.m. last night after he refused to turn of his iPod. I mean…who does this? Just turn the stupid iPod off. We all have our doubts about what really interferes with the pilot’s controls, but we just shut our crap off because they tell us to. It’s not worth it.

“This was kind of blown out of proportion, it seems like,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said at the team’s rookie minicamp. “He certainly should have turned off his iPod. When I speak to him, I’ll tel him that. He certainly should do that.”

It wouldn’t be a huge deal if it was someone else. But this guy as already been through being arrested, being sued, being traded….you name it. He clearly thinks he can do what he wants.


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