Fan Reaction: Ohio State's Tressel Resigns; Now What?


Like any other Buckeye fan, I’m sad about Tressel’s resignation. Regardless of this whole mess, he’s a standup guy. But Jim Tressel broke the rules. Say whatever you want about the rules that were broken, he committed the crime. If it were any other school and coach, we’d be killing them the way the nation is killing OSU right now.

There will be plenty of articles written on Tressel’s legacy as a coach over the next several days, so I won’t dive into that (at least not in this post). This post is about moving forward. As an OSU alumnus and diehard Buckeye fan, I believe we need to come together.

Many people (some who write for this site) will disagree with me, but I think moving forward includes embracing the Tattoo Five. We cannot blame Tressel’s resignation on them. Terrelle Pryor, who shouldered an unfair amount of blame for all of the suspended players, made a mistake when he was 19. When confronted, he told the truth, and is now serving his suspension. They didn’t force Tressel to lie. Don’t blame Pryor.

Instead, we need to embrace these young men. Like it or not, Pryor and the other suspended players are BUCKEYES. They love this school, and will take the field this year trying their best to redeem themselves. Take the hate out of your heart, and support these young men for the final games of their college career.

This season will be a pivotal one for OSU. We know OSU will rebound in the long run, but in the short term, OSU is a program sitting on the edge. As Buckeyes and Buckeye fans, we need to come together. Since my freshman year at OSU, I’d have a mantra after every OSU loss. It’s been on AIM away messages, Facebook statuses, and Twitter posts. That mantra still holds true, even in the darkest of times:

Still, and ALWAYS proud to be a BUCKEYE!

It’s us against the world, with our backs against the wall. Let’s do the right thing. Come together. Don’t fall apart.

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