Breaking Down Patriots-Vikings Randy Moss Trade

Most of us were shocked this evening when we heard of the report that a deal to send Randy Moss from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings was in fairly advanced stages. Moss is in the last year of his contract, but why would the Patriots want to give him up now?

Well, supposedly, Bill Belichick isn’t happy with him right now and that might have been evidenced by Moss only having one target Monday night.

But, there are a lot of rumors out there right now, so listen up and listen good. Who knows if these rumors are true, but we’re going to provide you with everything we can find.

The deal supposedly hinges on Moss working out a long-term contract (or merely a contract extension; his deal runs out after this year) with the Minnesota Vikings. But, Jay Glazer of Foxsports.com says that they could still do a trade without the extension if it really came down to it.

“Just to update, sides still working this, have been working it. Could end up makin the deal eve w out a new contract for moss if it comes down to it. They’ve been crankin on it,” Glazer tweets.

But, Mike Lombardi of NFLN is hearing that Moss has not been given permission to talk to another team (Minnesota) about a contract extension. And Jason La Canfora of the same network says that no deal is imminent.

“From what I’m hearing now, Randy Moss could well end up a Viking, again, but there are hurdles to clear. Not a fait accompli by any stretch,” La Canfora tweets.

And the Patriots official response to this? “There is no trade.”

Why did this come about all of a sudden? It would seem that both the player and the team aren’t happy with one another. Moss thinks he deserves a new contract. The Patriots don’t seem inclined to give him one.

According to the Boston Herald (a newspaper), Moss had his agent call the Patriots after Week 1 to demand a trade. That would make sense of all this, wouldn’t it? That would make his post-game tirade after Week 1 more relevant.

It looks like a deal will probably get done. The Vikings are in dire need of a wide receiver to do something besides drop the ball. And remember Brett Favre wanted Moss years ago when he was with the Packers. And he was pissed that Green Bay wasn’t able to get something done.

There are rumors that the Patriots are asking for a third-round pick in return. That must mean they are really sick of his crap. Wonder what Tom Brady thinks of this.


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