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Mosley Fight Reveals Manny Pacquiao, Bob Arum Greed

I’m glad that this poorly conceived blood bath between Manny Pacquiao and ‘Splenda’ Shane Mosley got put together. Sure, we’ll get yet another painfully awful-to-watch fight from the Filipino superstar, but at least we can put all those ridiculous “people’s champ” chants to rest.

He’s in it for the money, just like everyone else.

He’s in it for himself, just like everyone else.

And, most importantly, his strings are pulled and buttons are pushed by somebody bigger and smarter – just like everyone else.

I won’t even bother delving into the fact that Bob Arum himself called this fight a bad match-up. No point in rehashing that.

Let’s just discuss the facts for a moment.

‘Splenda’ Mosley is 39 years old. On the day when Pacquiao will most likely knock him out, he will be four months away from his 40th birthday. The style with which he fights tends to worsen quickly, something that fans of older heavyweights -- who have suited up for past-their-prime token matches -- need to realize.

Further, if we learned anything from the beating that Floyd Mayweather Jr. threw him or his boring and very telling split draw with Sergio Mora – it’s that Mosley’s superstar days are in the rear view mirror.

Don’t get me wrong, though. At one point, Mosley could bring it. Nobody will forget the way Pacquiao ducked this guy when he was still in his prime. Back when he was ‘Sugar’ and not ‘Splenda,’ Mosley had a flair about him that few in the history of the sport ever had.

Those days are long gone, now. 

I don’t blame Mosley for accepting this sure-fire beating in exchange for a nice little payday.

Nope, as usual, I’ll put the blame squarely where it belongs: Pacquiao and Arum.

Between them, these two slick PR masters have done it again. They’ve picked out an opponent who will guarantee them a great payday yet has a minimal chance of even scratching up Pacquiao. And now they will set out to prove to the world that he’s the best opponent available.

What a joke.

Let’s be clear on why the falsely honored “people’s champ” and his puppet master settled on this bout: moolah.

Because Mosley had parted ways with Golden Boy, the door opened for Arum to secure a recognizable fighter while not dealing with his mortal enemies, Oscar De La Hoya and Richard Schaefer. He still, to this day, holds a grudge against both men for revealing him to be the sneaky, conniving (admitted) liar that he always was – and for creating a company that will soon rival his Top Rank group.

In addition, the other main reason for this fight is that Mosley poses zero threat to Pacquiao.

While all of Mayweather’s detractors want to go on and on regarding his love affair with being undefeated, few will acknowledge that Pacquiao is equally, if not more so, threatened by fighting against real competition.

If Pacquiao truly wanted to prove that he’s worth all this undeserved hype he gets, he would have laced up against Andre Berto or Juan Manuel Marquez. Those two men have his number, and he knows it. We all know it.

Instead, the eight-division paper champ would prefer they roll Mosley out, wheelchair and all, and put him in the ring so that he doesn’t have to take too bad of a beating.

This whole thing is a disgusting indicator to the pathetic depths that boxing has sunk to, but nobody will admit it.

Instead, Arum and Top Rank will now set out on a mission to prove that Mosley supposedly can beat the Filipino superstar. The same way Pacquiao magically stopped training hard for the Antonio Margarito fight.

The sad part is, Pacquiao’s fans will eat it up. God bless their gullible little souls, they’ll completely buy into the hype and think their so-called “people’s champ” is fighting Mosley for them.

Not the real fans, though. We’ve watched this sport and know its dark, dirty inner-workings all too well.

This is a shady, grimy business built on deceiving fans – and this Mosley-Pacquiao bout spells that sad fact out.


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