Morrison Files Grievance Against Marlins

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You may remember back in August that Logan Morrison had a little issue with his team, the Florida Marlins. They sent him down to AAA and insisted that it was performance-related, but he isn’t buying it. To the point where he’s filed a grievance against the team for his demotion, saying it wasn’t with “just cause.”

“News story up soon: Logan Morrison has filed a grievance against the Marlins related to his demotion; for disciplining him w/o just cause,” tweets Amy K. Nelson of ESPN.

He may have a point, but we’ve also heard he’s kind of a dick. And it it was performance-related, why did they bring him back up to the majors after he hit just .167 when he was down in the minors? “Jim, this guy is tearing the cover off the ball…we need him back!”

I will say this, it doesn’t sound like this relationship is going to last.


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