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More Problems for USC Trojans; Alabama Vindicated

As you may recall, shortly after the USC football program was POUNDED with NCAA sanctions for the Reggie Bush fiasco (among other things), officials for the Trojans accused several schools of tampering with freshman Trojan running back Dillon Baxter, among them Lane Kiffin's former SEC rivals, Alabama and Florida. The story was that Baxter had received numerous calls from teams interested in securing his transfer from USC. Of course all the accused schools denied the claims. However, when the time came to provide proof of these claims, it was reported that young Mr. Baxter had conveniently "lost" the cell phone he received the calls on. It was obvious to all but the most desperate Trojan fans that this was a complete fabrication and nothing more than a sad ploy to deflect some of USC's negative press elsewhere, no doubt engineered by Kiffin, the clown prince of false accusations himself. Nevertheless, the story was out in the open, impugning the accused schools, and USC promised to "pursue" the matter.

Well, news outlets are reporting today that USC has quietly sent a letter of apology to the University of Alabama. Florida has also received a letter.

What a surprise! I mean, that they actually apologized. No sarcasm there. Truly surprising coming from someone as insanely arrogant as Mike Garrett. I just assumed he lost his human capability for modesty and humility when he knew he was staring down the barrel of the NCAA's gun...but still hired a bunch of the same guys who were responsible for turning the program rogue to begin with.

No word yet as to whether or not Mr. Baxter will face disciplinary measures for falsely accusing these schools. My guess: No! And, truthfully, I'd probably take it easy on him. Just another unwitting kid being toyed with by the biggest kid of them all. I'd say he could get together with Seantrel Henderson and commiserate, but it looks like he escaped from LA.

So its been a tough week for USC. And to think, it's only downhill from here.

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