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More Mad Mel Gibson Audio: Forced to Give Up Great Lakers Seats

Mel Gibson is in far worse condition than we ever imagined. Sure, he went off on a few not-so-nice rants as of late. Yeah, he used questionable language with his ex-girlfriend. Fine, he's not the friend to different races and religions that we thought he was after starring in the Lethal Weapon series.

But now, we realize how bad off he really is.

In the fifth leaked tape of the saga known as The End of Mel Gibson’s Career, the former A-list actor is screaming and yelling that he has run so short on monetary funds that he was forced to give up his Lakers luxury box seats. Oh, and it’s all because of that one girl he was dating, apparently.

"I just thought I'd tell you that the [Lakers] box is gone because of you ... because I spent too much ...  money on you -- and my wife knows it's you." Spent money in the $5 million range, he says.

If he wasn’t such a racist, anti-Semitic clown-like figure, you would almost feel bad for a guy who had and lost Lakers tickets of any sort.

It was reported at the time of Gibson’s divorce that he was worth around $1 billion. Considering he had no prenuptial agreement, 28 years of marriage entitled the ex-wife to half of the fortune that was amassed during their blissful years together.

Among the other gems in the conversation captured by the audio:

"You used me," he says, "and you are telling me and proving to me what you were and what I suspected ... user, you ... used me. I will never forgive you ... I will never forgive you for what you've done to me."

She says, in part: "You ruined my life, and you didn't give me a penny."

"I ruined your life? How did I ruin your life? I gave you [things]," he says. "You gave me nothing but  ... grief, all right, and bad publicity ... how did I ruin your life?"

Since Gibson’s rant is not all that appropriate for those with innocent ears, I’ll just leave a link to where you can find it and you guys can make the decision for yourselves on whether or not you want to listen to it.

You can listen to the rant HERE.


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