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More Legal Drama: Juan Manuel Marquez’s Camp to Sue Manny Pacquiao’s?

Even though the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez promises to be a little dull, the lead-up to the match has been jam-packed with excitement.

Two days ago, Opposing Views reported that Pacquiao’s conditioning coach Alex Ariza (in typical Alex Ariza fashion, mind you) had decided to poke at Marquez’s conditioning coach, Angel Hernandez. The whole thing stemmed from Hernandez’s admitted ties to the BALCO Lab scandal and his admission at one point that he peddled illicit substances to Olympic athletes.

Well, as it turns out, Hernandez wasn’t too keen on being poked at by Pacquiao’s conditioning coach. In response, he went on the Mexican cable channel Milenio Television and threatened to sue Ariza.

“I would like to say through this medium and the public that logically, we are preparing a lawsuit for defamation against Mr. Alex Ariza,” Hernandez said, his words translated from Spanish.  “On his behalf, the declarations he has made are very direct. I think they’re very prejudicial not just with respect toward the image of Juan Manuel Marquez, but for mine as his physical trainer.”

What exactly made Hernandez so angry? Well, that’s unclear at this point. Nothing that Ariza has said has been untrue. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Marquez’s conditioning coach from letting his fury be felt.

“Logically here, I think what has transcended is that [Ariza] has a jealousy problem,” Hernandez continued, “and that there is insecurity on Manny’s part and there’s insecurity on his part as well, because logically, Juan Manuel has never had the preparation like he has now with us.  We have not employed any doping substance.  We have not employed anything illegal that is outside of the Olympic norms.”


Again, it’s difficult to gather what point exactly Hernandez is trying to make. Nobody thinks that Marquez is juicing. You could give the poor guy all of the steroids in Barry Bonds’ basement and it wouldn’t help him beat Pacquiao.

“I’ve always been in favor of a clean sport,” Hernandez added, “and now, I’m simply demanding to finalize this topic in the case of Ariza—or Alex, whatever this guy’s name is—well one, that we prove these things; two, let’s submit to blood, urine, or fecal tests.  And Alex, I think the only person here who has doubts are you and Manny, because in the past people have solicited proof a thousand times to give blood and urine tests, and you have never wanted to do them.

“Well, here I believe that this is the opportunity to maybe for once to disprove the accusations against Pacquiao. And honestly, the accusations presented on their behalf are sort of sad, no, because no one here has said anything negative about Pacquiao.  Anyway, I believe this to be the best way to end these accusations that have no foundation.”

This is what we in the business call overcompensating. Hernandez is quite clearly overcompensating for some off-beat remarks from a guy out of Pacquiao’s camp who holds zero weight. Heck, the original comments probably would not have even gone heard if we didn’t publicize them here on Opposing Views.

Either way, Hernandez’s ridiculous rants aside – kudos to him for sprucing up what would have otherwise been a very uneventful couple of days.


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