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More Cleveland Crying: LeBron Almost Made Mo Williams Retire

This is getting sad. Seriously, Cleveland, for the love of Jesus Shuttlesworth, just man up already.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Sports’ Marc J. Spears, Mo Williams admits he contemplated retirement (as in, no longer playing the game and collecting paychecks) after watching LeBron James leave the middle-aged Cleveland Cavaliers for the trophy-wife Miami Heat.

Mind you, this is a guy who has now (by default) become the best player on the Cavs roster and is still scheduled to make $26 million over the next three years. (Question: Does Mo Williams have a lucrative second career he's not telling us about? Did he inherit money while we weren't looking?)

But apparently, he was that sad over his buddy’s departure.

"That's how bad it got," Williams said. "I contemplated it. I really sat down and envisioned life after basketball... I really saw myself not playing.

"It just didn't make sense to me. ...It doesn't make sense to me."

Could this guy be any more unnecessarily emotional? Children who find out Santa Claus isn’t real don’t experience this type of crushing depression.


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