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Money Well Spent: Harvard Westlake High Imports Italian Pool for $5M Structure

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California isn’t in great financial shape these days.

With a massive deficit weighing down the entire state’s economy, Governor Jerry Brown has been trying to slash everything from education expenditures to social programs to health care spending – all in the name of fiscal responsibility.

It was assumed that, on some level, all the residents of a state that’s working to close its $15.7 billion budget deficit understood that a tightening of the purse strings was necessary.

Sucks for the poor, but what can you do. Fortunately, the rich folks are still doing okay.

As noted by Yahoo! Sports, Southern California’s very own Harvard Westlake High recently dropped a nice chunk of change on an imported Myrtha stainless steel-coated pool from Italy – an item whose shipping was described as: “a process which necessitated use of the Panama Canal in a transatlantic shipment.”

How is a pool imported from Italy different than other, American-made pools? Well…

The pool will go into Harvard Westlake High’s new $5 million structure. Now, you might be wondering: why did this school need an imported pool for its new $5 million structure? Take it away, LA Times

The pool is supposed to be able to hold up in earthquakes - well, except for a really big one.”

According to the school’s website, their tuition last year was $30,350.

Money well spent, obviously.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports, LA Times)

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