Money Problems: Judge Garnishes Allen Iverson’s Wages to Pay His Jeweler


Allen Iverson was always something of a beautiful mess during his time in the NBA. He was exhilarating to watch, fun to root for and a model of youthful rebelliousness (even when he wasn’t particularly young). A lot of fans who really got into basketball in the post-M.J. era were raised -- for better or worse -- on Iverson doing what Iverson did.

But what was once a beautiful mess is at this point just a mess.

A.I.'s run over the last few years has been tragic, any way you want to look at it. He burned his bridges in the NBA as a result of his radically diminishing skills and (allegedly) bad attitude. Then he got relegated to Turkey where, after a lot of initial hype, a calf injury robbed him of any chance to make a difference. Family drama, money problems and him begging for another chance to play in a league he helped define post-M.J. followed. And now, according to TMZ, things have gone from worse to even worse.

Per the report:

Allen Iverson's bank account has been commandeered by a Georgia judge ... who's garnishing the former NBA star's earnings so A.I. can repay a 6-figure debt to his flashy GA jeweler.

According to court papers obtained by TMZ ... Iverson was sued back in 2010 for allegedly stiffing Aydin & Company Jewelers on a $375,000 bill.

The records show ... A.I. never responded to the lawsuit ... so a default judgement was issued in favor of the jewelry store ... allowing A&C to collect $859,896.46 for the bling, court costs, interest and attorneys fees.

But A.I. still didn't pay ... so earlier this month .. the judge signed off on an order which allows the store to recoup their loss directly from Iverson's Wells Fargo bank account.

It’s a little crazy that this is what it’s come to for a guy who once single-handedly carried the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Finals, won an MVP award despite standing all of six feet tall, and basically revolutionized basketball culture.

And by crazy, of course, I made very, very sad.

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