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Monday Night Football Preview: New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans

Tim Tebow will get his first start for the New York Jets on Monday night.


Be honest, though, you probably wouldn’t have started to read this preview if that first line didn’t catch your eye. That’s how uninteresting this week’s Monday night matchup between the Titans and Jets is at this point in the year.

Yes, I know the Jets are technically still alive I the playoff hunt, but its felt like they have been out of it for weeks.  However, they have won 3 out of 4 while trying to catch the Steelers and Bengals, so who knows, maybe the most ‘media covered’ 6-7 team in NFL history will find a way to sneak in. Meanwhile the Titans have dropped 5 out of their last 6 including their current 3 game-losing streak.

Who am I kidding, though; there will be more people watching for the result of their fantasy matchup than for the result of the actual game (I already won my matchup in case anyone was wondering).

Speaking of fantasy, the most popular fantasy player in tonight’s game should be the Titans RB Chris Johnson. If the Titans want any chance of winning tonight they will need Johnson to overcome recent struggles (175 yard in his last 3 games) and dominate the Jets 29th ranked run defense.

Side note: Johnson has averaged only 3.6 yards a carry when Locker is at quarterback (over 6 yards a carry when Hasselbeck gets the nod).

With that being said, the Jets defense has been playing much better as of late—minus the Patriots game—holding the Rams, Cardinals and Jaguars to only 29 total points. Look for Rex Ryan to give Locker a lot of different looks and force him into bad decisions.

On the other side of the ball, the Jets will most likely continue to pound the ball on the ground and try to keep it out of Mark Sanchez’s hands as much as possible. Although, Sanchez, who has been unable to find a rhythm all year in the passing game—19 turnovers in 13 games with only 12 TD’s—might finally be able to find some success against the league’s 27th ranked pass offense.

In the end, both team have struggled to find ways to win games this year. However, I will take the experience of Rex Ryan and his defense over the inexperience of Jake Locker (I say this with very little confidence, though, because it feels like Johnson is due for a big game). Jets by a touchdown.

Oh, and good luck to everyone’s fantasy teams.

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