MMA Video: Nick Diaz Responds to UFC 137 Removal

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While the dust was settling from the UFC 137 press conference that saw Nick Diaz get removed from the night’s main event against Georges St. Pierre and Dana White field a phone call from Cesar Gracie, Diaz was MIA. The rebellious fighter was actually driving from San Francisco to his hometown of Stockton and felt like using that time to make a YouTube video.

“All I know is that I’m ready to fight, sorry I didn’t make it to the beauty pageant,” Diaz says in the video.

Obviously Diaz wanted no part of “playing the game” and being a part of what he referred to as the beauty pageant but that’s what he signed up for and he paid the price. A price that even his long time coach Cesar Gracie thinks is justified after a fighter he considers part of the family just lost the biggest opportunity of his life because he’s a rebel.

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