MMA Video: Miesha Tate Has Choice Words for Ronda Rousey

Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion Miesha Tate hasn't tried to hide the animosity she's developed for Ronda Rousey since the fast-talking judo Olympian hit the scene last year and promoted herself into a title shot.

During a recent appearance on HDNet's Inside MMA, Tate didn't hold back when asked how she taken Rousey's deliberately provocative interviews and verbal jabs.

"I don't really listen to much of anything Ronda says," said Tate. "I don't watch her interviews. I get a little bit of that drift that comes through, through Twitter. … Half the time I really honestly think it just makes her sound like an idiot. I mean, hat's just being brutally honest. I think she's pretty delusional. I have yet to see Ronda actually fight. I've seen her go out there and do her judo, but she's hasn't ever brought a fight and that's what I'm gonna do."

Tate and Rousey will do battle on March 3 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio at the top of the aptly-titled Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey fight card. Check out the video of the champ's appearance on Inside MMA below.

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