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MMA Video: Freddie Roach Talks Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz and More

World-renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach has been expanding his training to include top-tier MMA fighters for a few years now and his expertise has attracted the likes of B.J. Penn, Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre to his Wild Card Gym in Las Vegas.

With GSP as one of his frequent students now, Roach has been keeping an eye on the UFC's welterweight division, which St-Pierre has lorded over for years now. Speaking with FightHubTV, Roach discussed how the biggest welterweight fight since the champ got sidelined with injury (Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit, of course) illustrates the extreme competitiveness in mixed martial arts.

"(Diaz vs. Condit) was a close fight. … (Georges and I) talked a little bit about it. He thought that it was an upset," said Roach. "He thought that Diaz was gonna win that fight. That's one thing about the UFC: it's very competitive. You make one bad move and the fight goes the other way. You have room to lose and come back in the UFC; boxing's a little bit more harsh, if you lose a fight you're washed up and you're all done. In UFC, these guys can come back and fight each other again, or they can fight GSP when he's ready."


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