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MMA Video: Frank Mir Not Interested in Fighting Fabricio Werdum in Brazil

Frank Mir seemed set to face Fabricio Werdum this year before deciding to pass on the bout and take on Cain Velasquez in a No. 1 contender match. Now, Mir tells Crave Sports while he decided to pass on Werdum.

"The guy is awesome. The only rason why I at first said, 'Hmmm, maybe not a good idea,' when I found out he wanted to fight in June in Brazil," Mir said. "I as like, 'Ah, I don't know if that would be such a great idea, I don't know if I'm gonna be that well received there.'"

Mir was talking about how Brazilian fans may accept him after defeating legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira twice, including a nasty submission that left Nogueira with a broken arm. Mir added that he doesn't feel as hated by Brazil as Chael Sonnen, but he did have concern for what might happen if he went out in the country.

So, instead of facing Werdum, Mir will battle Velasquez in a meeting of former UFC heavyweight champions on May 26 at UFC 146. Werdum, meanwhile, will face Mike Russow from Brazil at UFC 147.

Check out the complete interview in the video below.

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