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MMA Video: Frank Mir Explains His TRT Use Exemption

Fighters receiving therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy is a hot button issue in MMA.

For many, fighters being allowed to supplement their testosterone levels during training camp looks and sounds like cheating. For others -- like former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir, who was recently revealed to have been granted a TRT TUE -- if a fighter has low testosterone levels for whatever reason, he should be allowed to undergo medical treatment to address that.

"I believe TRT, if it's medically founded, I'm not here to sit there and tell someone they can or cannot do something," Mir said during a recent segment on Sportsnet's UFC Central. "I think it falls under the same jurisdiction as a bronchial inhaler. If a guy has asthma -- now if I were to take a bronchial inhaler, I don't have asthma, could it help out my conditioning? Probably, from what I understand. But if you need it and you have asthma, you're allowed to take that, right? Sounds like it falls under the same thing. It's either all across the board we need to eliminate everything, or realize that if we're gonna allow medical exemptions, they're there."

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