MMA Video: Dana White Talks Nick Diaz, Refuses to Pull Punches

This past Tuesday  (Mar.27) the UFC held their press conference for UFC 146 at the MGM Hotel Lobby in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dana White was in attendance and following the press conference he stuck around for a media scrum. The UFC President spoke about Nick Diaz’ retirement and his suspension.

“My stance on the whole (marijuana) thing is – it’s not allowed. You’re not allowed to do it, and whatever the commission says you’re not allowed to do – you’re not allowed to do. It doesn’t matter what I think, you think, or anybody else thinks, it’s illegal. I’d love to say something right now that makes Nick Diaz free and clear to fight again, but I can’t – it’s illegal. You can’t smoke it. The commission says you can’t do it. Those are the f—ing rules!

If Nick Diaz retires, it would be the most insane thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The kid is, right now, at the pennacle of his career. As far as his talent goes, as far as being a well-rounded fighter, he’s mean and nasty, and people love him. His popularity has never been bigger, and he’s right at the point where he could get a huge fight. It would be insane. … I haven’t talked to him at all since the fight.” – Thanks to Lowkick.com for the transcription.

The video below is courtesy of MMAWeekly.com...

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