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MMA Video: Dan Hardy Opens Up About Working with Frank Mir

Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy is on a four-fight losing streak and will undoubtedly be fighting Duane Ludwig for his job when they meet at UFC 146 this weekend. To prepare for such a high stakes bout, Hardy has joined forces with former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir to form the Sin City Cartel, a joint training effort.

Speaking with FightHubTV recently, Hardy explained how training with Mir has upped his game and why he feels more confident than ever heading into this fight.

"This has really been the best camp I've had. I've had a good team around me, a team completely dedicated to making me the best I can be for the fight. It's refreshing," Hardy explained. "Normally, in the UK, I'm jumping from one gym to another trying to get rounds in with people. It's a lot of work, whereas here I feel like I'm in a much more professional environment. Plus, I'm doing most of my sessions with Frank Mir now as well. Which is, it's inspiring for me just to see a former UFC champion who's preparing for another shot at the belt preparing for a fight."

Check out the rest of the video below to hear more from Hardy on his upcoming fight, which takes place this Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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