MMA Updates: Couture Retirement, Overeem’s Response and More News

1. Varner thinks Cerrone set MMA back: Jamie Varner talks to Ariel Helwani at MMAFighting.com about Donald Cerrone’s death threat comments. “[Donald Cerrone] set MMA back about 10 years [with his comments]. I mean, people, outsiders, who don’t really know the sport, they have this common misconception that we’re all just a bunch of Neanderthals and barbarians, but there are a lot of us that are educated, well-spoken, well-mannered, well-tempered human beings. And to see a guy like that come across the way he has, it definitely feels like it does our sport an injustice and it sets us back a little bit.” Sadly, I have to agree with Varner. I find it ironic that Varner is saying this, because he’s been on the wrong end of some bad statements as well. But he’s right this time.

2. James McSweeney gets new opponent: According to multiple reports, Tom Blackledge has been forced out of his UFC 120 fight with James McSweeney. UFC newcomer Fabio Maldonado will step in on short notice to replace him. Maldonado is a product of the Nogueira brothers in Brazil, and holds a 17-3 record, not losing in almost three years. Tough draw for McSweeney. I seriously doubt Maldonado loses this fight. I’d even bet on it. McSweeney just isn’t good. Why is he still in the UFC?

3. Overeem’s camp responds to Fedor: Overeem’s manager, Bas Boon, laughed off the statements made by Fedor, where Fedor stated that Overeem was ducking him. On his Facebook page, Boon wrote, “[For] 15 months we [wanted] to fight Fedor, but Fedor wanted [Brett] Rogers instead,” Boon wrote. “Then after Alistair destroys Rogers, Fedor fights [Fabricio] Werdum[sic]? Alistair goes to challenge the winner, which is Werdum. Fedor only [wanted a] rematch… with Werdrum and not [a] fight with Alistair. Werdum [is] out with injury, we still [wanted] to fight Fedor, but he refuses. Then when we finally decided to participate in K-1 and make the news official, M-1/Fedor wants to fight Overeem 2 days after Alistair and GG make an official statement that he will fight in the K-1 WGP, what a joke M1/Fedor!!” Yeah, I’m siding with the Dutchman on this one. Fedor-Presented-By-M1-Global is always here and there with his desires to fight.

4. Andrei Arlovski out of K-1 Grand Prix: Though previously announced that he was competing in K-1’s 2010 World Grand Prix on October 2nd in Seoul, Korea, it appears Andrei Arlovski will longer appear on the card. “The Pitbull” was scheduled to face off against Raul Catinas at the event. Arlovski confirmed his withdrawal of the show via Twitter, posting “I would like to confirm that I am not participating in the K-1 on October 2nd.” WEAK! Not that I expected him to win it all, but this fight was definitely winnable. And I just want him to hurry up and fight someone, somewhere.

5. Randy Couture may never fight again: In comments made to MMAFighting.com, Randy Couture’s lawyer, Sam Spira, said that they’re still sorting things out between Couture’s fighting and acting careers, and that Couture may never fight again. “I’d say right now it’s a toss-up. If something came up that was interesting, he would fight irrespective of whether he got a meaningful Hollywood role. But there’s other stuff for him to do that’s MMA-related. I think many would be surprised at some of the things we are working on. So he doesn’t have to be actively fighting in the ring to remain active. Is it possible he may not fight again? Yeah, it’s possible. I’d say it’s a toss-up.” I highly doubt this. Randy Couture’s last fight is going to be against James Toney? Nah! Couture wins one more fight he’s getting a title shot. Then maybe he’ll retire.

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