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Chael Sonnen Suspended and Other MMA Updates

1. Ryan Bader climbing the ladder: Ultimate Fighter winner Ryan Bader talked to about want to advance in opponents after beating Keith Jardine. “After I beat Jardine, this is definitely what I wanted. I didn’t want to go backwards from Jardine, I wanted to go forward and ultimately get my goal, which is the UFC title. They offered up Nogueira, it seems like a great logical step. He’s top five, top seven right now at 205, and that’s where I want to be. I want to keep climbing up that ladder, and he’s the next rung.” Seems like a logical opponent to me too. Bader is only getting better, and with TUF accolades, he could eventually become the new face of the Light Heavyweight division. Of course, he’ll have to get a win this Saturday first.

2. The reason why Sonnen was allowed to fight: Josh Gross at Yahoo! Sports got some more information from CSAC Executive Director George Dodd that clears up the question of why Sonnen was allowed to fight even though he informed them he would test positive. “A positive test which has been confirmed by a laboratory utilized by the commission … shall be used as conclusive evidence of a violation of the subsection,” Dodd said. “We have to have confirmation from a labratory before we can say ‘yay’ or ‘nay.” Understandable. What if Sonnen didn’t test positive, but they didn’t allow him to fight. Then there would be an uproar of a different kind going on. Still, the man did tell you and has no reason to make it up. I don’t see too many athletes ratting themselves out to for giggles.

3. Vitor Belfort out, Nate Marquardt in: is reporting that Vitor Belfort has pulled out of his UFC 122 bout with Yushin Okami with an injury. Nate Marquardt has now stepped up to face Okami in that slot. However, according to one of Belfort’s coaches Shawn Tompkins on Facebook, Belfort is 100% healthy. “[Yes] you will receive Vitor Belfort news very soon. All I can tell you as his coach is that he is 100% healthy.” Dana White has also chimed in on Twitter saying that Vitor is not injured, so his removal from 122 is definitely not injury related. This could only mean one thing…Vitor Belfort vs. Anderson Silva is coming sooner rather than later. Probably the New Year’s card. And I’m sure the winner of Okami/Marquardt still gets a title shot. That would be a low-blow if they took Okami’s chance away.

4. Dan Henderson and Hershel Walker return: According to a report from, a bout between Dan Henderson and Renato “Babalu” Sobral will headline a Strikeforce December 4 event from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, with Herschel Walker also expected to take his second MMA fight inside the Strikeforce cage. No word on who Walker’s opponent will be. Well, I can say this…I look forward to seeing the Henderson/Sobral fight. Hershel Walker, only to see if he gets knocked out. While Walker looked decent fighting that can of a fighter, he didn’t look like he’ll ever make a splash in MMA. To his credit though, the man is still a freak at 48 years old.

5. Chael Sonnen officially suspended: Per the statement…”The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has suspended the license of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Chael Sonnen, after Sonnen tested positive for steroids, a banned substance. A sample from Sonnen’s August 6 drug test came back with a high T/E (testosterone-to-estrogen) level, which is indicative of anabolic steroid use. CSAC learned of the results September 2 and ordered a second test, which also came back positive for steroid use. CSAC received test results from the second sample on September 14 and suspended Sonnen two days later. He is suspended for one year. Sonnen has 30 days to appeal the decision.” And owned. It was coming, no doubt. And Sonnen is going to appear on MMA Live this Thursday to speak on this situation. But it definitely looks like he’s done for a whole year. War Anderson Silva beating everyone and eveything…including steroids.

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