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One of Javier Vazquez’s relatives is running a contest on a popular MMA message board, where people are using Photoshop to alter pictures of Joe Stevenson in various ways, some humorous, others far more offensive. Even though Stevenson hasn’t seen them, he told Ariel Helwani during the MMA Hour that he’s pissed off.

“I knew he was going to do that before. He trains with a lot of the same people I train with back at home. It’s something I knew he was going to try to do. But I think he messed up. Rather than being a mind game, it became personal. I really will break something if I get the chance…My intensity picked up. Probably what you’ll notice in this fight is hatred. A lot of times when I fight someone I’m smiling. Generally, I’m in a good mood and trying to be happy. But trying to maintain this weight down here and training extra hard to be here, and losing three fights in a row has definitely made me angry.”

I hope Stevenson fights with a clear head come this Sunday, because anger can cause you to make a mistake. And if he loses a fourth fight in a row, he’ll probably get his walking papers.

During the post-fight press conference of Strikeforce Dallas, Antonio Silva reiterated that he’s going to be the Grand Prix Champion. “I told you before, if I beat Fedor, I would win this tournament. I promised my fans, I promised my family, and I’m going to win this tournament…I respect Overeem, but I’m going to train hard. I’m going to train for three rounds, hard. I know I can knock out this guy. I can fight standup, fight on the ground – believe me.” Overeem certainly didn’t look like a world-beater on Saturday, but I think it had to do more with him not respecting Werdum’s striking than anything else. I don’t think Silva will get the same type of shots Werdum did. Still, Silva has looked the best of the first round.

The UFC announced that the eight-fight preliminary card for Sunday’s UFC on Versus 4 event will stream live through their Facebook page. Well, I guess this is good news for those of you who can watch without the lag. For the rest of us, we’ll have to resort to other methods.

Ariel Helwani at is reporting that the UFC has found a replacement for the injured Riki Fukuda. Constantinos Philippou is set to step in to face Rafael Natal on August’s UFC 133 card. It is bad news that Fukuda was involved in a car accident, but Philippou is a decent replacement.

Kendall Grove and Chuck O’Neil took to their respective Facebook pages to announce that they have been released from the UFC following their recent losses. No surprises here. O’Neil looks average at best, even though I root for him, and Grove is either great or bad. Maybe they’ll pick up some wins outside the organization and make their way back.

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