MMA Analysis: Roger Huerta, Dana White Rejecting GSP vs. Diaz

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Roger Huerta is no longer under contract with Bellator, and he discussed why he’s been out of the game with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour.

“I wanted to see where I was at in life. Where I fit in in this whole work that I do, which is fighting, and see what I really, really wanted to do and why I lost the last couple of fights. Just to reevaluate a couple of things and change for the better. [MMA retirement is] not in the cards. I’m still fairly young and I still have some good fights in me…Jeff Clark (Huerta’s manager) and my management team are in talks with other promotions now into having me fight in the summer…aiming for July.” When asked whether or he’d go back to the UFC, Huerta simply stated, “Anything’s possible.”

The entire interview is pretty good. He talks about training in Thailand and lets you in on his thought process throughout this tough time period in his life. But he says he’s coming back, and I hope it is in the UFC. It’s where he belongs.

In a video interview with HeavyMMA, Dana White discussed GSP vs. Nick Diaz, the rumors of them coaching the Ultimate Fighter 14, and the future of Strikeforce. “I guarantee you that those two will not be [the] coaches [on The Ultimate Fighter 14]. Not even close. All the stuff that’s out there about that fight and the meeting that we had here is all bulls***.” As far as Strikeforce merging with the UFC, “It’s all still a work in progress. I have no idea [if Strikeforce will have the same fate as the WEC]. I mean, obviously we have a deal with Showtime, and we want to continue to put on fights with Strikeforce. The question is, can we make it work? It has to make business sense. It didn’t make sense for the old owners, we need to make sense of it.” All this means is that they will not be coaches. His little disclaimer at the end about business is all I need to hear to know that he’s looking to fold the Strikeforce name.

UFC officials announced that Chad Mendes will indeed fight on August 6 in Philadelphia at UFC 133 where he will be taking on Rani Yahya on the card. Since he didn’t want to wait for Aldo to heal, he’ll draw a pretty tough fight with Yahya. I expect him to win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost.

UFC officials announced Joseph Benavidez vs. Eddie Wineland and Jared Hamman vs. C.B. Dollaway will take place at UFC on Versus 5. Dollaway/Hamman is alright. But the Benavidez vs. Hamman fight will be a great fight to watch. As it stands, it’s it a toss up.

According to a report from HeayMMA, Gray Maynard recently underwent minor knee surgery to take care of a lingering injury, but he expects to make a quick return. I hope comes back quickly and at 100%. It will be that much more satisfying when Frankie Edgar beats him. AGAIN. (stupid judges.)

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