MMA Analysis: Strikeforce Folding into UFC, GSP v. Nick Diaz


Speaking with the Forbes Sports Money program, UFC President Dana White discussed the UFC’s purchase of Strikeforce and perhaps future plans.

“The reality is that we continue to expand and grow. We do need more fighters. And, we love the content. The one thing that these guys have that do it right, and the ones that we usually end up buying, they have a great library, they have a stable of fighters, and if they have a name and a television deal like Strikeforce did, not a bad thing either…The thing with Strikeforce is, when we acquired them they have a deal with Showtime. We’re working with Showtime now, which I’ve had a very rocky relationship with (laughs). Lorenzo is working with them right now. We’re going to try to run this thing separately, and we’ll see how it goes. We’ll see if we can pull it off, if we can make it happen. If it didn’t happen the worst case scenario that happens if we own Strikeforce is these guys roll over into the UFC.”

Translation: Strikeforce will be folding sooner rather than later. I read as many Dana White quotes and watch as many Dana White interviews to see the writing on the wall. And I’m glad. Hopefully they keep the Challengers Series going in some capacity, but maybe on Spike or Versus.

According to a report from, a bout between current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre and Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz is “imminent,” and could be announced as early as this week. However, Dana White told that there are still “a lot of hurdles” in getting Diaz into the UFC for this fight, and also added that the two of them coaching on The Ultimate Fighter is “not even a thought” at this point. But he clarified that Diaz will no longer be boxing. That seems like a smoke screen. I doubt Diaz would stop his boxing match for anything other than fighting GSP. And this will start the flood that will consume Strikeforce. Gilbert Melendez vs. Frankie Edgar anyone?

The New York state senate has voted to pass a bill that will sanction mixed martial arts in the state. The bill, 1707-A, passed by a 42-18 vote. However, it will now move on to the State Assembly, considered a much tougher audience for MMA. Well, at least it gets a shot. Last year it didn’t even make it to the floor. If they don’t pass this, then the majority of those politicians are morons. Plain and simple.

According to a report from Ariel Helwani at, Strikeforce’s Las Vegas debut will be Strikeforce Challengers 17 on July 22 at The Pearl at the Palms Casino and Resort, and that the organization is planning on running all future Challengers events at the venue for the foreseeable future. Even more writing on the wall that Strikeforce is done. But, in the meantime, this is a good thing. There’s more exposure in Las Vegas than San Jose.

UFC officials have announced that Rory MacDonald will be back into action this summer at UFC 133 in August, and he’ll be taking on Mike Pyle. This will be a close fight. MacDonald looked really good in his fight against Nate Diaz. And he even brought a smile to my face when he suplexed Diaz over and over.

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