MMA Analysis: Frank Mir Boasting, “Rampage” Jackson Angry, UFC


In an interview on, Frank Mir discussed his upcoming fight with Roy Nelson.

“The key to beating Roy is not to move backwards. I think his style plays into people who try to fade away from him. Fights that I’ve seen of Roy when people do well with him is when they move forward. If he makes a mistake, I’m a lot bigger than [Junior] Dos Santos and I believe I hit a lot harder. I’m a taller, longer athlete, quicker. I’ll constantly pepper him with shots when he comes in and make him pay when I do hit him with something. When I hit Cheick Kongo, the punch alone threw him halfway across the Octagon. On the night of the fight, neither one of us are gonna pull any punches. If I catch him with something, I’ll try to hurt him with it.”

Uh, delusions of grandeur Frank? Yeah, I think so. In what world do you hit harder than JDS? In what world are you faster than JDS? Not this one. Probably not the next. But I do think Mir will be Nelson’s toughest test yet. Should be an interesting fight. But put down your own Kool-Aid, Mir.

In the media conference call to promote UFC 130, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson said that Matt Hamill’s comments angered him. “I think Matt made a mistake when he actually said he’s going to break my will, and that I’m going to overlook him. That kind of lit a fire under my ass and actually made me train harder to make sure I don’t overlook him and to make sure I out-class him.” I agree, Hamill made a mistake to anger the already angry Rampage. The fight was going to be hard enough for Hamill to win. If he thought making Rampage angry would make him make mistakes during the fight, he is definitely wrong. While most fighters leave themselves open when they fight angry, I think Jackson actually gets better. Not the wisest of moves.

California State Athletic Commissioner George Dodd told that Chal Sonnen will be allowed to re-apply for his fight license in the state after May 18, 2012. Like I said a few posts back, this became a witch-hunt and Sonnen got burned bad. He could still fight elsewhere, but I doubt the UFC would go against one of the athletic commissions suspensions. Hope he said some money.

Strikeforce officials have announced a lightweight bout between K.J. Noons and Jorge Masvidal is set for next month’s Strikeforce “Overeem vs. Werdum” event from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. This will be a great fight. One of the best on the card. Someone is either going to sleep, or getting busted up.

During a meeting in Las Vegas, the Nevada State Athletic Commission unanimously approved the UFC’s request to install seven-inch monitors next to judges’ seats. The monitors will be used at all future UFC events. Well it’s about time! Now, if we could only fix the problem with the people watching those monitors…

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