MMA News: Georges St. Pierre, Dana White, 'Rampage' Jackson


Antonio Minotauro Nogueira talks to about a potential superfight between welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and middleweight champion Anderson Silva. “Yes, indeed [GSP has a complete game]. [The] guy is a good wrestler. He might stop Anderson Silva with his wrestling skills, but he won’t keep Anderson on the ground.

"Our champion is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, he’s really good, he’s improving… Vitor Belfort, who’s a Carlson Gracie’s black belt, couldn’t keep him on the ground, and it’s not Georges St. Pierre the one who’ll keep him down. Anderson’s reach is bigger, Anderson’s. I’d like this fight to be in Brazil. It’ll be awesome.”

I have to agree with Nogueira. GSP might be able to score a takedown or two, but no way he keeps the spider down. Yes, I know Chael Sonnen did. Sonnen is also much bigger and stronger than GSP. I honestly believe that if Silva wants to end this in the first round he will. He’s that much better than GSP.

Dana White told USA Today that he didn’t want to see Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans 2. “Talking’s fun before the fight, but if you do all this talking and then you go in there and don’t fight, who wants to see that (crap) again? Rampage-Rashad, the (freaking) snoozefest? I don’t want to see that (freaking) fight again. Matt Hamill and Rampage might not talk a bunch of (crap) about each other before the fight, but when have you not seen Matt Hamill fight? Matt Hamill’s going to go in there and try to beat him.” Snoozefest indeed, but he wasn’t criticizing Rampage.

That was a shot at Evans. Evans talked a big game, but other than that one shot in the very beginning, he just wanted to wrestle with Rampage. The only time that fight was exciting is when Rampage dropped Evans and nearly landed the kill shot on the ground.

UFC President Dana White revealed on Twitter that Tito Ortiz has been forced out of the main event fight with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira due to an accidental headbutt in training requiring stitches, and that Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis will take his place. This fight might make more sense in the grand scheme of things, but I would still rather see Ortiz fight this fight.

According to a report from, Vladimir Matyushenko has been tapped to face Brilz at UFC 129 after Phil Davis was pulled to meet Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC Fight Night 24. This is an excellent fight. Not huge names, but very evenly matched. is reporting that Dustin Poirier will face off against Rani Yahya, fresh off his upset win over Mike Brown, on the UFC’s second card in Vancouver, UFC 131. Yahya looked great against Brown. I don’t know if Poirier is a step up in competition, but he’s a tough test nonetheless. Should be a close fight.

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