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MMA News: 'Rampage' Jackson, Matt Hamill, Bobby Lashley

After Rampage Jackson said he’d knock Matt Hamill into tomorrow, Hamill responded in an interview with, saying he believes he’s a more complete fighter than the former champion. “I’m just glad Rampage accepted the fight. I had my doubts if he would or not. I’m glad he’s so motivated. He won’t have any excuses when I beat him. I will prove I belong in the title mix at 205 (pounds).

‘Rampage’ is an old-school brawler. I’m much more of a complete mixed martial artist. I have the heart to break his will, and I will make ‘Rampage’ very uncomfortable in this fight.” I don’t know about all that Hamill. Sure, Hamill is a good fighter and a test for anyone at 205. Is he better all around? Perhaps, perhaps not. But I can tell you for sure that Rampage is the much better striker with much more power and Hamill will realize that very quickly once they meet inside the Octagon.

In an interview with Greg Jackson discussed what he thought went wrong in Andrei Arlovski’s fight with Sergei Kharitonov. “He kind of hesitated standing in front of [Kharitonov] and was grabbing around the neck and doing stuff that we hadn’t planned. For me, that’s part of the learning process. It didn’t go our way because we made some fundamental mistakes that we weren’t supposed to make. Of course you don’t want to stand in front of Kharitonov no matter who you are. He’s got bombs in either of those hands of his. We were doing very, very well following the game plan and we kind of had a lapse.” Jackson hit it pretty much on the head. Arlovski looked great, until he started going back to his old ways. I’m glad Arlovski is choosing to stay at Jackson’s MMA for the duration of his training, rather than spending only a couple of weeks. Hopefully Jackson can revive his career and make him a better fighter.

According to a report from, M-1 Global and Showtime have reached an agreement to air four M-1 Challenge events on the pay-cable network in 2011, beginning on March 25. It was only a matter of time with Fedor being showcased on their channel. Not sure how well received M-1 will be though.

Bobby Lashley is making his return to MMA. New HDNet partner Titan Fighting Championships announced Friday morning that Lashley will headline their March 25 event on HDNet. I guess he has complete control over where he fights. I’m interested to see how he performs after his loss to Chad Griggs. is reporting that Eddie Alvarez will finally make his first defense of his Bellator Lightweight Championship on April 2 at Bellator 39, where he’ll take on lightweight tournament winner, Pat Curran. Well it’s about time. I was wondering how long this would take. I don’t foresee and Alvarez defeat. He really needs to go to the UFC.

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