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MMA News: Dan Hardy, Lyoto Machida, Dana White, “PeeWee” Herman

Dan Hardy talks to about his UFC 120 knockout loss to Carlos Condit, and how he is working to avenge that loss. “I didn’t think there was a chance of getting caught. But it has put me in a place where, I certainly wouldn’t like to fight me now because now I’m suppressing my inner serial killer and I want to hurt somebody and Condit’s going to be at the top of my list until the end of my career. I want to get that win over him and I’m determined to get that. I think this next fight [with Anthony Johnson] is going to be a good step towards getting back to Condit and to the rest of the guys that I want to put a beating on. He certainly hasn’t gotten away with it.” First he has to get past Johnson. No easy task. And should Hardy somehow get a rematch with Condit, he’ll have to beat him. Condit is a smart fighter and knew he would eventually catch Hardy. For the record, one of those guys was going out in that exchange. Two hooks were coming in. Condit’s was just more crisp.

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida told that he believes a third loss could end his UFC carerr. “Of course [a loss could lead to my release]. UFC considers the incomes a lot, the profits, and if I’m not pleasing the fans anymore, they won’t feel sorry for me. That’s why I’ve always invested on me a lot, and it won’t be any different now. If I did a lot, I’ll do a lot more now. I’ll give my best trying to win. If I have to bring the best professionals, I will.” I don’t know if they’ll release him. As a matter of fact, I doubt it. Maybe if he loses in a boring fight, but he has a big name, one I’m sure Strikeforce would love to acquire. No way he gets released. Besides, he’s not losing to Couture.

On a media conference call, Dana White said that the winner of B. J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch would be in line as the next contender for the Welterweight Championship. “Either one of these guys who wins this fight is in the mix; not in the mix, they’re the number one guy.” Two things. One, Fitch already deserves a shot, based on wins, but he’s boring. Two, GSP will probably be at Middleweight so we won’t have to worry about him destroying either of these guys.

During the media conference call, Dana White discussed plans for the first ever international edition of The Ultimate Fighter. The UFC’s plan is to run country specific editions of the reality series all over the world, their first target being the Philippines. The shows will be geared toward local viewers, but will likely be made available to U.S. fans in some capacity, likely on Awesome! Hopefully we will get to watch these shows online as well. is reporting that the UFC has signed 20-2 heavyweight Dave “PeeWee” Herman to a contract following his requested release from Japan’s Sengoku Raiden Championship promotion. This is a great signing to bolster their already deep heavyweight division. Herman is a beast and is ready for the big show.

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