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MMA News: Silva vs. Vera, Garcia's Injury, Ultimate Fighter and More

1. Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera moved: Since Jose Aldo suffered an injury during training. forcing him off UFC 125, the UFC had to fill opening for the main card. And according to, the light heavyweight bout between Thiago Silva and Brandon Vera has been promoted to fill that spot on the main card of the UFC 125.

While losing the Aldo fight was bad news, this is a great fight to replace it. Both these guys like to strike so we should be in for a show.

2. Leonard Garcia not injured after all: Leonard Garcia was scheduled to meet Tyler Toner at this Saturday’s TUF 12 Finale event, but he was removed from that fight, reports citing injury as the cause. However, is reporting that Leonard Garcia is not injured afterall, and will instead meet Nam Phan in a featherweight bout on the main card of Saturday’s TUF 12 Finale event in Las Vegas. Awesome. And I was just talking with my brother about Nam Phan dropping down a weight class. This should be an interesting fight.

3. EA MMA getting a sequel: Even though it has been met with poor sales, the EA MMA video game will press on with another edition. According to Jeff Ecker from EA, in an interview Figure Four Daily, it’s a matter of when, not if, the sequel is released. He made it very clear the future of the franchise, saying “There is definitely going to be an EA Sports MMA 2.” Ummm, the game sucked. Maybe that’s just my opinion, but it was definitely no where near as good as THQ’s UFC Undisputed. I like the idea of EA MMA, but the execution was flawed. If the sequel has poor sales, I think EA will kill the game.

4. TUF 12 fighters meet in the cage: According to reports from, TUF 12 housemates will meet this Saturday night at the Finale. TUF 12 semifinalist Kyle Watson will meet Sako Chivitchian, and Cody McKenzie will meet Aaron Wilkinson, both on the night’s preliminary card. Sweet. I wanted to see both of these fights during the season. Initial thinking has me picking Watson and Wilkinson.

5. Greg Jackson won’t train his team if they fight each other: In an interview with, Greg Jackson stated he wouldn’t help teammates fight each other. “I am not a manager. I’m not in charge of fighters’ careers. They have to make their own decisions. If they decide to [fight a teammate], I’m not going to train them for it is basically the bottom line there…I want to have a friendship with all of my guys and it’s more important than money. For me, I just do this for fun. It’s more important than careers or anything like that. Now that may not be true with them. I hope it is, but if it happens it happens…It’s going to have to happen eventually, but I’m not going to be a part of it. I refuse to take part in any of that stuff. And the nice thing about not being very important in the world, is I’m sure it won’t be a big deal.” I can see where Jackson is coming from, and I probably wouldn’t train either fighter either. It would show favortism. But this is a business. Eventually, friends will have to fight.

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