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MMA News: GSP, Koscheck, Jason Miller, Pettis, Emelianenko

1. GSP/Koscheck fight should’ve been stopped: GSP discussed Josh Kosheck’s injury on the Fan 590 in Toronto. “I heard he broke the orbital bone and had surgery. I hope he’s okay. Yeah I think [the doctors should have stopped it]. I think the doctors or his corner men should have stopped it because it’s very dangerous in this sport, he could lose an eye and also it could be a career-killing situation, but at the end of the day it was good for the fans…I think my peak is still ahead. I’m 29 years old, I get better every time, I feel stronger every time, and I’ve changed a lot of things in my training and I try to keep it a secret. I keep it for me and it makes me better. I think I can get much, much better than I am right now.” It was pretty bad. Should it have been stopped? Eh. Maybe.

2. Jason Miller vs. Tim Kennedy rubber match: According to a report from, Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Tim Kennedy have verbally agreed to meet for a third time on the Strikeforce January event, which will air live on Showtime. Kennedy becomes Miller’s opponent because he and Nick Diaz couldn’t agree on a weight to fight at. Yeah, this is the fight I was wanting. I mean, who doesn’t want to see this instead of Diaz/Miller? Who I ask? /sarcasm.

3. Pettis’ kick was from Mortal Kombat: Ben Henderson described the Cage Kick Anthony Pettis hit him with during last night post-fight press conference. “I saw [a kick like that] in Mortal Kombat once. I was talking it over a little bit with my coaches – why I lost and what I need to do better. My jab. Stepping to the inside when I need to step to the outside. [Pettis] was a little bit quicker to the punch than me. He did a good job setting up some of his kicks. I checked some of his kicks, but all the wrong things I did, what do I need to do better to get my hand raised? … [Pettis] did a good job.” It indeed was a Mortal Kombat kick. Ridiculous and epic and legendary and all that. I was completely shocked to see such a thing inside the cage. Amazing.

4. Anthony Pettis was surprised Ben Henderson survived: Anthony Pettis discussed his ninja kick on ESPN’s First Take. “I was real surprised. It was one of those moves that lands once in a million times. Luckily for me it hit him right on the chin. I’m he surprised he didn’t get knocked out by it, but it was a little bit with the foot. It was one of those kicks where I was like, ‘the fight’s over’ and he survived it.” I too was amazed at the fact that Henderson wasn’t completely out. He was rocked bad, and looked out of it, but he wasn’t out cold. If that kick would’ve been just a few inches closer, it would’ve been Knockout of the Century. If you guys missed it, we have it here on

5. The return of “The Last Emperor”: is reporting that Fedor Emelianenko, M-1 Global, and Strikeforce appear to have come to an agreement to return to Strikeforce. Fedor is in negotiations to meet Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva on the January 29 event. The January 29 card is expected to take place from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA, and is also expected to feature bouts with Nick Diaz, Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Herschel Walker. This fight makes sense. Everyone will get to see how good Fedor really is. Silva is no push-over and will be a tough test to see if Fedor is still elite or just one of the pack. I look forward to this fight and this card.

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