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MMA News: Miller on Diaz, Shogun vs. Evans, Sonnen, Silva and More

1. Jason Miller still bashing Nick Diaz: Jason Miller appeared on “It’s Time! With Bruce Buffer” on the Sherdog Radio Network and ripped the Gracie camp for not letting Nick Diaz fight him at middleweight. “They’ve started spitting out, ‘Oh, 178.’ Meanwhile back at the ranch, Nick Diaz is saying, ‘I’ll fight middleweight. I’ll fight middleweight.’ OK, well, just not against me, right? That’s how it is. He’s bologna, this guy. These guys don’t want to fight me. He doesn’t want to fight me, so now he’s like making it, ‘Oh, Mayhem turned down the fight.’ I didn’t turn down a fight. I never got offered a fight.” This is just getting old. Either fight, or both of you guys shut up. Seriously. If Diaz did say he’d fight at 185, then fight Miller. They should still fight at 178, but whatever. I’m beyond caring at this point.

2. Sonnen/Silva not next TUF coaches: At a press conference in Brazil on Tuesday, where he announced the August 27, 2011 return to the country for the UFC, UFC President Dana White shot down the notion that Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva would be opposing coaches on this upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. White stated they should know by Friday who those coaches will be. The season begins filming in January, and will debut on Spike TV on March 30. Other names that were speculated were Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. That has been shot down to. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

3. Shogun vs. Evans in March: The Light Heavyweight Championship bout between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Rashad was initially rumored for a planned Abu Dhabi event in March. However, according to a report from The Fight Network, the bout will now take place on March 19 in New Jersey, which is expected to be UFC 129. The event will take place from the Prudential Center in Newark. Well it’s about time. I’ve been waiting for Shogun’s knee to heal so he could get back into the gym to train. Now it looks like we have a definite date and I can’t wait to see it. I think Shogun takes this.

4. Couture’s retirement: Last night Randy Couture posted on Twitter, “I think I’m at the end of it y’all. It’s time.” He then followed that up with a message on Facebook: “It’s time to move on and focus on all the other amazing things going on in my life.” However, his lawyer and representative, Sam Spira, told, “There’s been no official announcement. There’s been no decision. Any announcements or decisions would be likely coordinated with the UFC.” Despite Spira’s denial, Couture is pretty much done. Why else would he post those message. Let me guess…someone hacked into both accounts.

5. Pierson has tough decision to make: According to a report from the Toronto Star, Sean Pierson has been given an ultimatum from his daytime employer, the Toronto Police Department. Police spokesman Tony Vella revealed that any “secondary employment” for an officer needs to be cleared by the force, and can be denied if it constitutes a “conflict of interest.” Pierson was told to turn in all his equipment until their investigation is closed. Pierson was asked about the situation, saying, “I can appreciate the position they’re in with what I do. I don’t look at mixed martial arts as a negative, but I think the mainstream still looks at us as a bit of a black eye.” That sucks. No way to sugar coat that. Coming off his first ever UFC win over a tough opponent, he now has to choose between a steady paycheck from Police Department, or his dream of becoming a UFC fighter. Tough, tough decision. I’d go all in toward becoming a UFC fighter, but that’s just me.

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