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MMA News: Jim Miller, Jon Fitch, Bellator on MTV, Cruz-Jorgensen

1. Jim Miller thinks he’s #3: Jim Miller told that he believes he’s top 3 at lightweight. “Coming into the fight, I was trying to gain a little respect, to be honest. We went into the fight with him being the favorite, which I really didn’t understand. Before tonight, I was 7-1 in the UFC, and my only losses were to guys who are (No.) 1 and 2 in the division. I’m not going to lie. It does eat at me a little bit,” he said. I’ve done nothing to show I shouldn’t be No. 3 behind No. 1 and No. 2 (at 155 pounds). I’ve beaten all-comers. I’m here, and I’m fighting, and I want my shot at revenge.” Based on who he has beat and who he’s lost to, I would could agree he’s next in line for a title shot. Make it happen, Dana.

2. Jim Miller is like Jon Fitch: Dana White explained to why Jim Miller doesn’t get the respect he deserves. “Miller is one of these guys that…this kid gets so much fucking disrespect I can’t remember his name. Fitch! He’s like [Jon] Fitch, you know what I mean? Fitch wins all these fights but Fitch is just one of these guys that just never clicks. That’s how Miller is right now. Some guys have that ‘it’ factor that people just are attracted to first, and some people have to earn it. I agree. Miller just doesn’t grasp the audience like other fighters do. He should, but he doesn’t. Don’t worry Jim, I see you.

3. Bellator to appear on MTV2: Bellator announced on Tuesday that they have signed a three year television deal with MTV2. The network is set to air Bellator events beginning in 2011. Bellator CEO and founder Bjorn Rebney stated, “We are thrilled to partner with MTV2 which has such a strong audience of hard-to-reach young guys. With a timeslot on a prominent nationally-distributed cable network aimed at young men, we now have the perfect platform to showcase our exciting, action-packed tournaments and fighters.” Ummm, this was a bit of a surprise. Not quite the FoxSports arm, but then again, FoxSports preempted them several times. So, if you want to continue watching Bellator events, call your local cable or satellite provider because I doubt you have MTV2.

4. Cruz discusses Jorgensen: In an interview with, Dominick Cruz discussed what he has to do to defend his title against Scott Jorgensen. “In order for me to win this fight, I just need to do as I’ve done before: dictate the pace of the fight, stay very mobile, very hard to find, and keep a high tempo and a high pace in every aspect. And just mix it up — high-low, high-low. I can work a lot of ground game and I can take this fight wherever I need to. I’m in there trying to finish every single fight. I’m in there trying to kill the guy from beginning to end. I think everybody that I’ve gone in there with, I’ve rocked or hurt at some point in the fight, without a doubt.” This is going to be a great fight. Both guys are full of energy. Cruz will be a tough out, but Jorgensen can definitely pull it off. Last WEC event as well.

5. Jon Fitch should be getting a title shot: Jon Fitch told that he believes he, not Jake Shields, should be fighting GSP next. “I think I’m better than Jake [Shields], I think I should be fighting for the title, but I’ve been given a huge opportunity here to fight B.J. Penn and that’s a big fight, belt or no belt…We’re in a sport of selling fights right now, and the sport’s growing, we’’e trying to get international, trying to get into every country, every household, and part of that is ticket sales is the idea that Jake Shields is coming over from Strikeforce with two belts. I understand that, it’s a business decision.” I don’t know if Fitch is better than Shields. I look at them like one in the same, except Shields is way better at submissions. Besides, I already saw what GSP can do to Fitch. I want to see if GSP can stay away from the submission game of Shields.

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