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MMA News: Marquardt vs. Silva, Dana White, Duffee and More

1. Former UFC fighter prison sentence increased: Former MMA fighter and one time UFC competitor, Lee Murray, has been in in prison in Morocco since being convicted of the 2006 Securitas bank robbery in Kent, UK, in June of 2010. Murray was Initially sentenced to ten years in prison for being the “mastermind” of the $92.5 million dollar cash robbery. However, according to a report from the BBC, Murray’s sentence has been increased to 25 years after the prosecution appealed the length, stating that it was too lenient. Amazing that this could happen. I don’t know all the details, but as far as I know, he didn’t kill or shoot anyone. So changing the man’s sentence to 25 seems a little unlawful. But what do I know?

2. Radach vs. St. Preux: Since Herschel Walker had to pull out of Saturday’s Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu event, there was a vacancy on the five fight main card for Showtime. But according to a report from, that spot has now been filled. Benji Radach will meet Ovince St. Preux at the event at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Mo. A very nice addition to the card. Radach can throw some serious bombs, and St. Preux has looked better and better each time he fights. He’s only 15 days removed from his Strikeforce Challengers win, so this will be a huge test for him.

3. Marquardt vs. Silva: In an interview with Fighter’s Only Magazine, Nate Marquardt calls out Wanderlei Silva. “In order to re-establish myself as the number one contender, my next opponent needs to be an elite fighter who will stand and bang with me in the center of the Octagon until one of us is knocked out,” Marquardt said. “The fight that makes the most sense to me is Wanderlei Silva. I have a ton of respect for Wanderlei and have wanted this fight for years, the fans have wanted this fight, they deserve to see two of the best fighters in the world in an all out war.” Why does everyone call out Wanderlei Silva? I don’t get it. Sure, he may not be what he once was, but the man can still take your head off.

4. Todd Duffee turns down fight: According to ESPN’s Josh Gross, former UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee was offered the fight against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva on short notice this week when Valentijn Overeem pulled out with an elbow injury. However, Duffee turned down the fight. Smart move, I’d say. It’s once thing to step in against another “so-so” fighter on short notice. It’s another to step in against one of Strikeforce’s best heavyweights on short notice. While Duffee has the power to give Silva a run, he doesn’t quite possess the skill set to in. Would’ve been cool to see the train wreck though.

5. Greg Jackson answers Dana White’s criticism: Greg Jackson has fired back at Dana White, who claims there is something wrong with the way his fighters are performing and that they are boring. Jackson told, “In the UFC alone, so far this year (2010) there have been 22 events, and our team has been honored with 12 bonuses. That means for one out of every two UFC’s you watch, our team is taking home either Knockout, Submission, or Fight of the Night honors.” So ture, Greg, so true. But, in Dana’s defense, it does seem like some of your fighters play the safe route when they are up. *cough*Rashad*cough. And it’s not only him, but I see your point.

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