MMA News: Henderson, Roberts, Lesnar, Evans and More


1. Ben Henderson excited to be in the UFC: asked WEC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson about how he thinks he’d fare against UFC lightweights. “I got asked that question quite a bit before: ‘How do you think you would do in the UFC?’ My answer was always, ‘There’s only one way to find out.’ You can always talk about it, but why talk about it? There’s not a whole lot of point in talking about it. Let’s find out. Thankfully, now we get a chance to find out…” Yes we will, and it’s about time. I think Henderson is a top ten lightweight. Should he get past Anthony Pettis, his title unification bout with the UFC champion should tell all.

2. Daniel Roberts’ next fight coming soon: Daniel Roberts is already getting another fight in the UFC. Roberts announced on his Twitter account that he’ll meet Greg Soto at UFC 125 on New Year’s Day. This should be a great fight. It’ll probably end up on the preliminary portion of the event, but Roberts is the real deal. With a few more fights he should be ready to contend for a title shot.

3. Paul Daley is two wins away from a title shot: Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told that Paul Daley is a couple of wins away from fighting Nick Diaz. “The fight that we’re discussing internally if Paul gets past Scott [is] maybe he and Evangelista Cyborg could fight. We could put that fight together in relatively quick fashion, maybe next year in the next three or four months, we can put that fight together and the winner of that fight could fight Nick Diaz.” How far we’ve come since the “sucker punch” incident. Though I doubt he’ll ever hold a UFC belt, a Strikeforce belt is nice to have. He’ll have two tough test before fighting Diaz though. That is, if Diaz doesn’t jump ship to the UFC. That’s right, I said it.

4. Rashad Evans refutes article: Rashad Evans contends that his “frustration” comments were misconstrued. On Twitter Evans tried to set the record straight. “Let me address this article that was put out..First of all [I'm] not impatient about waiting [for] Rua [to] heal especially since it was my choice [to] wait! The UFC did offer me a fight since Rua was gonna [be] out so long against Lil’ Nog. But I turned it down cuz the fight made no sense [to] me. A fight with Machida would’ve made more sense but they matched him up with Rampage…[Now] in this article it makes me sound as if I’m upset about waiting which is not the case.” I think this is damage control. He is frustrated, but he asked for it. I don’t understand what a interim belt would do. You are still only the number #1 contender. I guess an extra paycheck, but also a chance to lose that #1 contender spot should he lose that fight.

5. Roy Nelson would fight Brock Lesnar: asked Roy Nelson about Brock Lesnar calling for a fight with him. “At the end of the day you are going to win some and lose some but the marker of a champion is how many times you can get back up. I think it’s great that Brock wants to fight me. It would be a great matchup and I believe the fans want to see it so let’s make it happen. I don’t care if it is in the UFC or the WWE…let’s just get down to it.” Obviously the WWE comment was in jest, but to hear Nelson say he would accept the fight makes me want the UFC to put this together even more. Who cares about Mir/Lesnar 3? Not this guy. Nelson vs. Lesnar! The Blob vs. The Hulk! Who doesn’t want to see that?

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