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MMA News: Herschel Walker, Rashad Evans, Anderson Silva and More

1. Rashad Evans frustrated: Rashad Evans told that it’s hard to wait for a title shot. “It’s just frustrating. I am a fighter and I need to make a living doing this, but at the same time it’s about getting that gold.

But if the gold is something that I’m not going to get an opportunity to fight for then I have to face that possibility and move forward and do some other things. If I don’t get the chance to fight for the belt, I will never ask to fight for this belt again. I will never want to fight for that belt again.” Umm, what? YOU wanted to wait for the belt. So deal with it. And child please, you will fight for the belt if the opportunity came.

2. Lyoto Machida is equal to Rampage Jackson: Lyoto Machida talks about his fight with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 123. “In every fight you have to prove why you are there. This is no different; I have to prove to myself and to my fans why I’m still in there…We are equals in there, no one has an advantage and we are really going to see who is the best in the cage.” I agree. These two are pretty close to equal. I don’t think Machida will be able to KO Rampage, but he could take him down and get a decision win. Rampage could definitely KO Machida. I’m very excited for this fight.

3. Herschel Walker’s next fight: is reporting that 48-year-old former NFL superstar, Herschel Walker, has an opponent for his second professional MMA fight. Walker will meet 40 year old Scott Carson on the December 4 event in St. Louis. “The goal with Herschel’s next fight is to put him in a little more competitive environment and let him test his skills,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker said of the matchup. More competitive? Uh, I guess. Carson was out of MMA for 10 years, then came back to a TKO loss. If you call that a step up, then I guess I agree.

4. Strikeforce middelweight tournament is dead: Since Jake Shields vacated the Strikeforce Middleweight title to go to the UFC, Strikeforce openly discussed their desire to put on a 185 pound tournament to crown a new champion. The tournament is officially dead, as Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told, “We were hoping it would happen, but it didn’t happen, and we’re happy with Jacare being our world champion. I think he’s a great representative and a great fighter.” Of course it was never going to happen. Coker and Strikeforce should have just kept quiet until it came to fruition. Now they just look stupid for building up hype, and then not pulling through.

5. Anderson Silva exposed: Nate Marquardt thinks Chael Sonnen exposed Anderson Silva. “It’s been known to me for a long time that Anderson had holes in his game. If anything, [Chael's success against Anderson] was more of an eye-opening event for the media because they put him on this pedestal like he was unbeatable. Chael was able to expose, obviously, that he’s susceptible to takedowns, susceptible to ground and pound, and even that if someone lands a punch on him, he can get wobbled.” I don’t know what you are talking about Marquardt. EVERYONE knew you had to take him down to beat him. Trouble is, when people do, they lose all the same. And perhaps you missed the part where Sonnen tested positive for steroids. Maybe, just maybe, Sonnen had an advantage.

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