MMA News: Carwin, Gonzaga, Condit vs. Lytle and More


1. Shane Carwin has surgery: UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin underwent surgery on Tuesday to take care of a number of lingering issues with his back, neck and nerve pain. Surgery was successful, but Carwin will be out for 8-12 weeks with no physical contact. Carwin’s manager Jason Genet, told, “It went as good as it could have, but it was worse than we thought it was, if that makes sense.” MMAFighting also reports that Carwin’s procedure took four hours and required neurosurgeon Dr. Chad Prusmack to drill into Carwin’s skull to repair nerve damage and problems with his C5, C6 and C7 discs. Wow, that’s some extensive surgery. I don’t want anyone or anything going into my skull or spine. Glad it was successful.

2. Josh Grispi can knockout Jose Aldo: asked Josh Grispi about Jose Aldo’s seemingly invincible aura. “Everyone’s human. No matter how you look at it, everyone’s human. They can be knocked out, they can be choked out. I’m going to find those weak points when I get in there.” Gripsi is a great talent, and definitely worthy of challenging Aldo. While everything he’s saying is true, Forrest Griffin said the same thing of Anderson Silva.

3. Condit vs. Lytle in Australia: According to Joe Ferraro at, the UFC is looking to put together a welterweight bout between Carlos Condit and Chris Lytle, and the bout appears to be headed for an as of yet unannounced event in Australia on February 27, which is likely to be UFC 127. The event would air in the U.S. live on the 26th with the time difference. When does one event take place on two different days? UFC 127. I like this match-up. I would have loved to have seen Condit/Fitch, but I’ll take Condit/Lytle. My guess is something similar to Condit/Hardy, with Condit once again raising his hand. Then, perhaps a title shot.

4. Gonzaga retiring from MMA: In a video released for his fans, Gabriel Gonzaga discusses his future. “A lot of people are asking me the same question. If I’m gonna fight again. I don’t know. I really don’t know. Definitely I’m gonna try to fight again in ADCC and BJJ, important grappling tournaments. MMA, I don’t know, because I’m not gonna fight for cheap money…my main goal is not to fight MMA again.” I’m not surprised. He has gone downhill since his defeat at the hand of Randy Couture, and seems to really on love BJJ.

5. TUF winner signs with new organization: has confirmed that former UFC lightweight Efrain Escudero has signed a three-fight/one year contract with Shine Fights. Escudero commented on the reason why he chose Shine Fights over other MMA organizations. “I was offered pretty good money and for [a contract] that wasn’t for more than one year. Eventually I want to make my run back to the UFC and prove to Dana White and everybody else that I can do the job they hired me to do.” I found it odd that the UFC cut Escudero for his last loss. Dana White said he thinks Escudero go comfortable and wasn’t making fighting a priority. Whatever the reason, this is a great move. Should he go 3-0 in Shine Fights, he’ll definitely be back in the UFC.

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