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MMA News: Pettis, Couture, Sakara, Overeem and More

1. Paul Daley talks about Saturday’s fight: Paul Daley told, “Scott is one of the guys that I used to watch back in the day. He’s game all the time. He comes out, and he fights. He’s got that attitude that I admire. You know when he’s going to be in a fight, it’s going to be an exciting fight.

The dude knocks people out. He’s a man after my own heart. He likes to go in there and leave people lying on the floor receiving oxygen. It’s going to be a great fight. I’ve trained really hard for the fight, and I’m expecting to be a short but exciting fight. I’m not here to make excuses. I’m here to be a professional, and this time I’ve done things much better. I just want to take the biggest names Strikeforce has en route to the title or the people I think are going to present me with the most challenge.” I could easily see this fight being a short one. Then again, no one can take punishment like Scott Smith. Can’t wait to see it.

2. Anthony Pettis preparing for 7 rounds: Anthony Pettis told that he’s improving his cardio for his upcoming title fight with Ben Henderson. “The thing I’m preparing for the most is his cardio and his endurance. This guy can go, go, go. So I’m really preparing myself to go seven rounds. I’m fighting five rounds, but I’m preparing to go seven. He’s a really good fighter, he’s a great wrestler, great striker, great grappler, he’s great everywhere, and so am I. I get a chance to show this now.” This should be a good fight, but I think Henderson will win. He’ll be able to control Pettis with his wrestling, netting him the decision.

3. Randy Couture’s future plans: Randy Couture recently revealed his plans on a radio show in Las Vegas, “The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show” on X-107.5 FM. Next on the docket for the UFC Hall of Famer is a part in the action film “Setup,” which will star Bruce Willis and 50 Cent. Couture will begin filming next month, and filming goes into 2011. After that wraps, Couture expects filming to begin in March for “The Expendables 2.” Well, that looks like his MMA career is a wrap. I’m sure he can still fight some guys, but he’ll be another year older. It was great while it lasted.

4. Sakara breaks his silence: In a video for his fans, Alessio Sakara explained why he had to withdraw from his fight with Jorge Rivera. “They think I contracted something from tuna fish…which led to a bad stomach virus. The toxin levels are still high, and I am recovering now. So I am just waiting for February to come, at the latest March for my next match. I promise you I won’t eat tuna fish anymore. I took a good beating from this.” Not good. reports were stating he was violently sick, and if he’s still feeling it, I’m glad he didn’t fight. He must have had mercury poisoning. Just a guess, but I’d bet on it.

5. Valentijn Overeem injured: This Saturday’s Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu event has taken another hit to the televised card, as reports that Valentijn Overeem has suffered an injury that has forced him out of his fight with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. The event also lost Herschel Walker to an injury as well. This card is quickly becoming the “also ran” event this Saturday because the UFC is holding their Ultimate Fighter Finale this Saturday as well. While Strikeforce still has their three main fights intact, Walker would’ve brought eyes and Overeem/Silva would’ve been a good fight. We’ll see if Strikeforce can find a last minute replacement for Silva.

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