MMA News: Silva Calls Out Lesnar," Dana White Upset and More


1. Roy Nelson ready to fight anywhere: Roy Nelson discussed his removal from UFC 125 with “I think they wanted it’s the UFC and there’s no rhyme or reason with stuff, usually. It’s a bigger way to roll in WEC into the UFC. It’s a good way to start showcasing like Jose Aldo and trying to capitalize off like a Urijah Faber, the little guys. At the same time I look as a plus that my knee got better faster and I’ll be ready anywhere in 2011.” That is probably true, but it probably has a little bit to do with Nelson’s contract situation. Hopefully that gets cleared up because I really want to see Nelson/Lesnar.

2. Dana White upset with Harris/Falcao fight: Gerald Harris vs. Maiquel Falcao at UFC 123 drew huge amount of boos from the crowd in the third round, and irritated Dana White. “This isn’t the fucking Ultimate Staring Competition, it’s the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I’ll take a guy who loses a dog fight any day of the week over a guy who stares at somebody for five fucking minutes.” Yes, it was pretty bad. Falcao knew he won the first two rounds and chose not to do anything in the third. Hope he doesn’t do that again, or he’s done in the UFC.

3. Antonio Silva calls out Brock Lesnar: In an interview with, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva called Brock Lesnar a fake fighter. “Man, I think he must return to his fake fights that it’ll be best for him. I’ve always said that, he’s not a better fighter than Fedor, or Minotauro, or Cigano…He’s not the number one. I’ve said that when Werdum beat Fedor, who would become the number one? To me, it must have been Werdum because he had just beat the number one, but no. They put Brock Lesnar as the first, Werdum on the second place and Fedor in third. For sure now the top position is on good hands because Cain is a great fighter, he’s complete, has proven to have a good ground game, a good [wrestler] and he’s a good exchanger. Now it’s on good hands. It was ridiculous for us, fighters, to see Brock Lesnar with only four or five bouts being considered the top athlete on earth, it’s ridiculous. And people like Cain Velasquez, Cigado, Fedor and Minotauro coming after Brock Lesnar…He’s a fake fighter.” Sounds like someone is a little jealous. Lesnar fought “real” fighters and beat them, so that has to count for something.

4. Gegard Mousassi returns: Gegard Mousassi told that he expects to return to Strikeforce early 2011. “February. I’m fighting Mike Kyle in Strikeforce. February – that’s what I heard…you never know how things will go. Maybe I get another [opponent]. But that’s the fight that they want. He’s a tough opponent. He’s already beat the champion (Rafael Cavalcante). But I don’t know for sure that I’m fighting him, but most likely it’s going to be him.” That should definitely be a good fight, and will be his first since losing the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight title. Winner will probably get a shot at the belt.

5. Frankie Edgar motivated the New York Jets: According to a report from ESPN New York, UFC Lightweight Champion Frakie Edgar spoke to the New York Jets on Saturday night to help Jets head coach Rex Ryan sell a speech on mental toughness. “What a perfect time,” Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez said. “(He was) talking about never giving up, being counted out, playing until the end, fighting, believing in yourself, believing in your team and the people around you.” Saftey Jim Leonhard added, “It was unreal to see him fight and hear about his career. I thought he sent the right message…Maybe we should bring him back next week.” This is pretty cool that Rex Ryan would bring him in. Frankie has a great story on how he came to become champion. I remember seeing his “True Life” on MTV. Good stuff.

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