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1. BJ Penn will be champion again: During ESPN’s Sportscenter on Wednesday morning, BJ Penn said that he expects to head back down to 155lbs and win the title after his fight with Matt Hughes. “I know I’ll get my chance again. I plan on going out and beating Matt Hughes, and honestly, deep down in my heart, I know I’ll be Lightweight Champion again.” Just as long as the champion is not Frankie Edgar, right? Penn needs to get that fire back he had when he entered the UFC. If he does, then he could become champion again.

2. Phil Davis’ fear: In an interview with, Phil Davis says he doesn’t want to be considered boring because he didn’t finish his fight at UFC 117. “I don’t want the fans to think I’m another one of those guys who just lays and prays and does nothing. I’m more than capable of putting on an entertaining fight, and that one just wasn’t all that entertaining.” I don’t think he’s boring. He usually finishes his fights and always seems to be looking for the finish.

3. Alistair Overeem fires back: Alistair Overeem told that he believes he’s Top 10. “You know, he’s claiming that I didn’t defeat anybody that’s in the top 10 so why should you rank me. That’s true but the fact of the matter is that I’m a very active fighter and you can see that I’m a different fighter then I was at 205lbs. I’m undefeated since 2008 when I became heavyweight and even more important I have finished all the fights in the first round…After what Cain did to Brock it’s silly to give Brock a top 5 spot, but that’s my opinion. He’s still a good fighter but having a 5-2 record and almost losing to Carwin and having wins over Herring, Couture and Mir (which he lost to as well) is not something that I’m very impressed about.” Dana has a case, but a small one. Overeem deserves a Top 10 spot. Overeem needs to step up in competition though.

4. TUF 13 coaches not set: Dana White told that they haven’t selected the next TUF coaches. “We haven’t decided who the coaches will be yet. I’ve been on the road for two weeks now, and I don’t go home till Sunday. And then I’m back on the road on Wednesday. I need to get back in the office … and get some [expletive] done.” So basically it’s going to be Urijah Faber and the winner of Dominick Cruz/Scott Jorgensen. Why? Because the UFC needs to promote the newly acquire “little” guys and Faber is a huge name. Done.

5. Lyoto Machida feels less pressure: Lyoto Machida tells that he feels less pressure since he lost the title. “Part of this game is that you win some and you lose some. [But] I felt that there was a lot of pressure on my back because many of the fans had this aura of me being the undefeated champion. I knew one day I could lose like everyone else. Now I feel like I’ve learned a lot from that loss and it’s taken a lot of pressure off my back. The reality is, there’s pressure every time you step into a fight. Regardless of what stage of your career you’re in, there’s always pressure…My style made me a champion. Everybody’s got to keep to the style that makes them feel comfortable in the ring…It’s a great matchup of styles. ‘Rampage’ is known to be aggressive, and I like to stand up. Put those two styles together, and it’s a good match.” It should definitely be a good fight, and I can’t wait to see it.

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