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1. Overeem vs. Werdum: In an interivew with, Alistair Overeem discusses who he thinks he’ll defend his Strikeforce title against next. “Personally, I think Werdum. Yep, Werdum, cause that makes sense. I already fought Brett [Rogers] coming out of a loss to Fedor. People gave me a lot of [expletive] for that. ‘Yeah, you’re a fighting a guy who lost, this and that.’ I’m not interested in doing that anymore. Let’s stick to some sort of ranking and that rankings tell me Werdum beat Fedor. Now, in my opinion, Werdum is No. 2 and Fedor is No. 3, I would say [Antonio "Bigfoot"] Silva is No. 4.” Makes sense to me, but I think Werdum is fighting Fedor in a rematch, so it’s still up in the air on who will fight Overeem next.

2. Karo Parisyan talks panic attacks: Talking to, Karo Parisyan discusses battling panic attacks. “If anybody has had a full-blown panic attack and an anxiety attack and has had pressure to take care of your family and doing all this and doing all that, and all of a sudden everything being taken away from you — how do you react to that? How? People have killed themselves having half of the (stuff) that I went through. I’m not being cocky. I’m not being (a jerk). I’m being honest here.” It must be hard to deal with such things, and I wish him the best. I’m glad he’s returning to the UFC this weekend. Hopefully he doesn’t suffer another one of these things.

3. Jay Hieron fighting for Bellator: Jay Hieron has finally been granted his release from Strikeforce, but he won’t be going back to the UFC as many expected. Hieron will instead sign with Bellator for their fourth season. “It’s just a great fit for me,” said Hieron. “At this point in my career, I want to stay as active as possible, and the tournament format allows me to do that. It’s a great organization, and it’s just the perfect fit.” Yeah, it makes sense, kind of. I think Roger Huerta said the same thing. Didn’t turn out too well.

4. UFC 122 draws big numbers: UFC 122 may not have been a great event for the UFC overall, but the event outperformed last month’s UFC 120 event in the ratings for Spike TV. UFC 120 last month brought 1.9 million viewers while UFC 122 brought in 2.2 million. I didn’t see that coming. The event wasn’t that good, but it goes to show you, slap the letters “U” “F” “C” on anything and it’ll sell. Even going up against Manny Pacquiao and college football, the UFC still brought in huge numbers.

5. Jon Fitch wants to be the next TUF coach: Jon Fitch told that he would like to be a TUF coach. “It would be cool, I’d really like to do it. I actually talked to Dana about it, and told him that I was interested if ever the opportunity came around. Just the week that I got to spend with the guys, it’s hard to give your knowledge and give effort and time to some guys and then have to walk away. So I really wanted to keep going back, but I had to get ready for Thiago Alves, so I had to get back to AKA and train.” He’s not a bad choice, but who would he coach against? GSP? Again? I’ll pass. Maybe somewhere down the road.

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