MMA News: Rampage, Dana White, Lesnar vs Mir 3 and More


1. Rampage/Machida not guaranteed anything: Dana White told that neither Rampage nor Machida is guaranteed a title shot. “The fight has to happen first (before I decide). The 205-pound division is so stacked with so many good fights. I’m waiting for this logjam to free up. [Mauricio Rua's] knee is clogging this whole thing up. So once his knee is healed up, we’re going to be putting on some sick 205-pound fights next year.” Who else could be in line? Bader? Jones? The only fight I don’t think the UFC will put on is Machida/Shogun 3. Other than that, I think the winner will get a shot.

2. Two more fights added to Fight for the Troops: The UFC has officially added the previously reported bouts between Mark Hominick and George Roop, and Amilcar Alves and Charlie Brenneman to the January 22 “Fight for the Troops” event from Fort Hood in Texas. The troops are getting a great show, as well as us fans at home. All these fights should be exciting, and these two are close to coin flips. Can’t wait.

3. Alistair Overeem isn’t Top 10: Dana White told that Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion isn’t in the Top 10. “Listen, I like Alistair Overeem. I see him all the time. Cool guy. But there’s no urgency on my part to get him into the UFC. I actually find it hilarious that he’s ranked in the top 10 by some of the websites. I find it hilarious. What has he done in MMA to be ranked in the top 10? I’d like somebody here to answer that question. We’ve got a lot of media guys here; what has Alistair Overeem done to be ranked in the top 10 of mixed martial arts’ heavyweight division?” I’ll answer that. He’s winning. Beating everyone in front of him in impressive fashion. I can’t say I’m a fan, but he has some skill. Sign him and find out.

4. Lesnar vs. Mir 3 not happening: Dana White told that Lesnar/Mir 3 might not happen after all. “People have been saying on my Twitter that they’re not happy with that fight. It’s something I need to rethink.” Thank Zeus! Please don’t let this happen yet. I’ll watch it, but not while there are other fights I’d like to see. Lesnar vs. Nelson would’ve been great, but Nelson is in some contract drama.

5. Faber wants to help Lesnar: Urijah Faber talkes to ProMMA Radio wants to improve Brock Lesnar. “We’ve all been there, where Lesnar is at. Dude, getting hit is not the coolest thing to have done to you, but it’s not that big of a deal. It takes a ton of sparring and some great defense and a knowledge of what it’s like to get hit, to be able to get used to it… I think he’s going to be a great fighter as long as he decides to do that. He needs to get in there and accept ‘hey I’m going to get hit and there are guys who are better at punching than I am.’ But he just needs to put in the time like everyone else…Man, I’d be willing to help him out, if he was really into learning. I think some simple things that would help him out a lot. He shouldn’t be losing to guys that are 40 pounds lighter than him.” I’m all for this, and I agree 100%. Lesnar just isn’t used to getting hit. And Faber could easily teach the big man a thing or two about the MMA game. Call him up, Lesnar.

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